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November 29th, 2008

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04:54 pm - It's good to be sane.
So much keeps happening but I just don't feel like writing about it. I've been keeping up with reading friends posts though.I'm still about.

I headed to Queensland for the week last week. As soon as I stepped off that plane I felt 100% better and less stressed. Gretel and I wasted the first day inside playing wii, watching DVD's and sleeping. It was AWESOME. First full day we've been able to waste doing nothing together in months! We've both just been working our little butts off. Gretel works Mon - Thurs and I work Fri - Sun so it makes it hard to get a full day together. Ah well that will change soon! The school year finishes soon and g-star will be freeeeeeee! YAY! I'm also putting in for some different work in the community sector so fingers crossed I get that and won't have to work weekends any more.

We got our results on Friday and I SMASHED my exams... ok didn't smash them but I got 3 credits and a distinction, which for me is smashing since two of the them were the hardest subjects I've done yet (human neuroscience (distinction) and cognition and memory). Now I graduate on the 18th Dec. WOO HOOOOOOO!! I've been accepted to do a grad dip in counselling but if I get a full-time job in the sector then I might just give it a miss. I've lots of saving to do next year as I want to go to Japan and teach end of next year then do some more travels after that. Plus the experience I'd get from working rivals that of the grad dip. Although I do like the idea of extra training... hmmmm. It's hard to decide. People say I could get the jobs I want without that extra bit of training and that might be so but I don't think I'd be able to do the jobs as well without that training.

Anyway things are going really well, although we're on a break from Boot camp for 2 months till our trainer comes back from holidays. It's ok, I'll get pudgey over the christmas hols then spend next year working it off!

Hmmm I'm hungry, I wonder what we'll have for dinner... Curry?

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