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March 29th, 2009

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10:36 am - just filling in non facebook time.
So I haven't really started posting things as much as I wanted to but maybe I'm just a little over the internet. *GASP* never! My sister pulled through her operation and is doing well. Chemo to come now but I think she will be ok. It's pulled our family closer together.

Uni is easy and work is great but I might not have a job in 6 weeks as our program might not get funded for another year. MEH to the community sector and no job security... Ah well I can always go back to bar work if needs be. I really love Youth Beat though. We've had some really interesting and crazy shifts lately proving how much we're needed out there during times when other businesses are closed.

and I thought this was pretty funny www.youtube.com/watch

I hope people turned their lights off for earth hour last night too!

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